Six Shed Antlers
YouTube: TrophyShotOutdoors

Lucky Shed Hunter Finds 6 Antlers in One Spot in Five Minutes

This is every shed hunter's dream scenario.

If you're a die-hard shed hunter you may have had a dream in the past where you've picked up a whole pile of shed antlers all laying close to each other in one spot. It's usually after we've piled up a bunch that we wake up disappointed.

Finding multiple shed antlers in one spot is not exactly common unless you are fortunate enough to come across a matched set dropped at the same time.

It's even less common to find multiple antlers in the same area that come from different animals. It may be rare, but it does happen. Today's video from TophyShotOutdoors shows one such scenario. This lucky shed hunter picks up six different sheds from five different bucks in a span of only five minutes. This is the type of thing shed hunters dream about coming true.

It's safe to say this guy found a true honey hole with this spot! It appears all the deer trails were converging in one area that was offering some excellent cover from the elements. A perfect spot for deer to bed down and potentially shake off their antlers. We don't know about you, but this would be a spot we'd return to every single year. If it produces once, odds are it could produce again.

My personal best is two antlers next to one another from two bucks in the same spot. I've only managed to pull that off once in more than 20 years of shed hunting. Even though many bucks frequent the same areas in the late winter when they are shedding, it's not exactly common for them to drop their antlers next to one another.

Personally, we'd probably be stopping somewhere to buy a lottery ticket on the way home from this shed hunt. Because lady luck was clearly on this guy's side. This has us pumped up for shed hunting season to start!

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