SITKA Equinox Guard

SITKA Announces New Solid Colors Options in Bug Protection Equinox Guard Line

While hunters everywhere are getting hyped for the start of turkey season that is rapidly approaching in some parts of the country, there is one aspect we're not looking forward to, and that's the bug. Mosquito, tick, and chigger system is rapidly approaching whether we like it or not. Especially in areas of the southern United States where the biting pests start coming out of the woodwork sooner than normal. Realizing there had to be a better way of combating this problem, Premium hunting clothing brand SITKA is introducing some solid colors to their new Equinox Guard Collection which was specially developed for preventing bug bites without adding excess fabric to lightweight hunting clothing designed for warm weather hunts.

Equinox Design and Features

SITKA Equinox Guard


SITKA first introduced the Equinox Guard collection last year. And they went into this project wanting to make sure the new clothing would be lightweight and stretchy. At the same time, it needed to protect the user's body and reduce the number of bites in the field. According to their website, SITKA's designers spent a long time searching before they finally found the right kind of knitting machines that could create fabrics that were tightly knit with more precision than normal. They then took the designs to a testing lab with live mosquitoes. There, they tested the Equinox Guard fabric against many other types. When all was said and done, SITKA says Equinox outperformed them all.

In addition to making a fabric that's harder to bite through, SITKA also added Insect Shield, a more rugged permethrin treatment designed to bond to the fibers and provide an additional level of protection that is designed to work through the entire life of each garment.

Additionally, SITKA added some other unique features designed to keep any insects from ever having contact with bare skin. Most notably, they added internal leg gaiters to the Equinox Guard pants that tuck into your socks and prevent ticks from crawling up your pant leg. The gloves in the collection have a slightly longer cuff that can be tucked neatly into arm of the guard hoody for the same purpose. SITKA also added a longer tail to the Guard Hoody that tucks into your pants. This prevents any access points to bare skin for ticks and chiggers around the belt line.

SITKA is offering each of the products in the Equinox line in three popular camo patterns: Optifade Subalpine, Elevated II, and Optifade Timber. New for 2023 are two solid color options of Coyote and Lead for more general purpose uses.

Equinox Guard Hoody

SITKA Equinox Guard

The new coyote solid in the SITKA Equinox Guard line. Photo by SITKA

This new hoody features the new bite-reducing fabric and Insect Shield repellent. SITKA built all the garments in the line to cover as much exposed skin as possible. The hoody features a breathable mesh facemask to cover your face from biting pests. It also has Polygiene odor control technology built in, so it could also double for those early season deer hunts. This garment also provides UPF 50_ protection from the sun. SITKA gave the garment a YKK zippered chest pocket. Hunters should be able to stay quite cool in this hoody too. SITKA says the total weight is only 6.5 ounces. It is set to retail for $149.00. The Equinox Guard Gloves will retail for $50.00.

Equinox Guard Pant

The new solid Coyote STIKA Equinox Guard pants.

We already mentioned the internal leg gaiters designed to protect against ticks and chiggers. SITKA also gave this garment the Insect Shield treatment in addition to their new bite-reducing fabric. It also has the UPF and odor-blocking tech of the hoody. SITKA did design a unique, internal raised grid pattern to help promote airflow through the pants. Additionally, they built in some side leg vents with mesh gussets for walking into your favorite hunting spot on hot days. There is also a dedicated knife pocket. SITKA also added some suspender attachment points. The pant weighs 13.5 ounces and will retail for $249.00.

Equinox Turkey Vest

The new SITKA Equinox turkey vest.

SITKA wasn't content with just designing some new turkey hunting clothing. As they are also making a turkey vest in this line. For 2023, they are introducing a new  SITKA says they designed this vest for those who prefer the run-and-gun style of turkey hunting. It features magnetic closures on the pockets. It is built from a 75-denier brushed-face polyester woven fabric. Realizing that many turkey hunts happen in less-than-ideal weather conditions, they also gave the vest a water repellent finish.

Hydration is important in any warm weather hunting scenario, so it's nice to hear the large, zippered back pocket is compatible with a hydration bladder. SITKA added an open top outside pocket specifically with rain gear in mind. There are pockets for strikers, box calls, and diaphragm calls on the vest. They also added some fowl noose slips for carrying birds, and compression straps to help haul bulkier items.  The vest will retrial for $249.00.

See the SITKA website for more information on the new Equinox Guard line.

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