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Will Filling Your Waders with Water Make You Sink? Let's Find Out


Video of wader test has got some healthy and heated discussion going on whether this actually bust the myth on sinking waders.

If you have ever duck hunted wearing waders of any kind, you know they can be hard to get around in. With a lot of gear and clothes weighing you down, when you slip and they begin to fill with water, terror overtakes your mind.

Mostly because of all of the horrifying stories you hear of others drowning or almost drowning, it makes you extremely cautious with each step and movement. You always hear "Once your waders fill up, you are done. You will simply just sink!"

But is that really the case?

Pennington County's Sheriff Office test this theory at South Dakota's Game, Fish, Parks Water Course, and come to the conclusion that you in fact don't sink in neoprene waders.


This video clearly shows that these neoprene waders still float when filled. But my, oh my, the discussion in the comments got heated, and lots of opinions came flooding out. While some just like to argue, some people do make some solid points.

The first underlying question is, how do rubber waders, or breathable waders differ? We know that water suits are made from neoprene, so they obviously will help with buoyancy. I also love all the comments of, "Well I tried this in my pool with weights tied around my waist and layers of clothes on and it didn't work!" Just sounds flat out dangerous.

I think the big takeaway from this video is that yes, you may not sink because of the waders, and although that is good information, it doesn't quite breakdown the circumstances and factors of a hunt.

On a hunt, you have tons of gear on, the water is cold, and there's sometimes a quick-moving current. Filled waders are awkward and the air pockets at your feet can cause you to feel like an off-balance buoy. And I believe that is why so many people are getting stirred up over this video.

The myth may be busted, but this video is a scary false representation of what can happen in the wild. But, with that said, that isn't the point they were trying to prove.

Therefore, neoprene waders won't make you sink, but that doesn't mean you should start diving into the backwater on your next duck hunting trip and expect good things to happen.

Let us know your thoughts and any input you have on the whole matter.

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Will Filling Your Waders with Water Make You Sink? Let's Find Out