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SIG SAUER Shipped All This Next Gen Squad Weaponry to the U.S. Army

Sig Sauer's new Next Generation Squad Weapons System looks impressive.

Major contracts with the U.S. Military can be big business for firearms manufacturers and competition is fierce to be one of the top companies producing firearms for them. You may recall a few years ago when the U.S. Army decided to make the popular Sig Sauer P320, aka: the M17 their new service handgun of choice.

Well, Sig Sauer apparently was not content with just the contract for the P320 and they have now developed an entire weapons system for the Army that they are calling the NGSW system.

The acronym stands for "Next Generation Squad Weapons System" and it looks extremely impressive. Sig Sauer offered the public a sneak peek at these new guns and a new 6.8mm hybrid ammo in a video uploaded to their YouTube channel.

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Sig Sauer is claiming that this new weapons system, which includes a light machine gun, semi-automatic rifle and suppressors is "the most significant upgrade to U.S. Military small arms in more than 50 years." Quite the bold claim, but we cannot blame them after the success with the M17. They would love nothing more than to build on their success and have the Army go entirely Sig as their standard issue firearms.

While we are not likely to see a civilian version of the machine gun, odds are probably good for the Sig MCX-Spear to appear in your local gun store at some point in the future. Obviously, it would not have the same features as the military version. However, we have the M18, the civilian version of the M17 as precedent here.

The M18 handgun turned a lot of heads when it was introduced back in April and Sig Sauer would likely be able to do great business again by producing the MCX-Spear for the civilian market. Until then, we will wait to see if the Army awards Sig another contract for these impressive new firearms.

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