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Sig Sauer Offers Free Voluntary Upgrade for P320!

Concerned about your P320’s safety after the past week’s buzz about the pistol failing drop tests? Worry no more. Sig Sauer has just rolled out the fix for your pistol, and it’s free. Here’s how to get your P320 upgraded.

In response to the recent hype regarding drop safety issues, Sig Sauer has stepped up to the plate and issued “Voluntary Upgrade” program for all current P320 owners. Sig Sauer will upgrade the P320’s Firing Control Unit which, according to Sig Sauer, “…will include an alternate design that reduces the physical weight of the trigger, sear, and striker while additionally adding a mechanical disconnector.”

The parts to be upgraded are shown above. Photo via RECOIL

If you’re one of approximately 500,000 P320 owners and you would like to have your pistol upgraded, you can head to Sig Sauer’s P320 Voluntary Upgrade page. You’ll need your pistol’s serial number and your home address, along with a method of contact.

Once you complete Sig Sauer’s Voluntary Upgrade online form, Sig Sauer will contact you with the best method of getting your pistol to them for the upgrade. Since the upgrade includes (this is my guess) machining the slide for a physical disconnector of sorts, the upgrade parts are not being offered as a kit for consumers. You must send your entire pistol to Sig Sauer for the upgrade, as all major components – grip module, slide, and FCU – are reportedly affected by the upgrade. This also means that if you have extra grip modules or X-Change kits, these should be returned as well to be compatible with the upgrade.

Once Sig Sauer upgrades your P320, they will test your pistol and return it, free of charge.

Online reports have mentioned that the upgrade will take approximately four to six weeks for Sig Sauer to turn your pistol around and get it back to you. The upgraded pistols should be distinguishable from non-returned pistols by the appearance of upgraded parts, and a reportedly cleaner trigger pull.

This is a voluntary update. If you choose to not send your P320 in, that’s your prerogative. Sig Sauer still boasts that the P320 meets and exceeds all U.S. Standards for safety.

Time will tell how the upgrade pans out; I’m sending mine in for the work. Kudos to Sig Sauer for the extra effort (that doubtlessly will cost a huge sum) to make things right in the customer’s eyes.


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Sig Sauer Offers Free Voluntary Upgrade for P320!