shoot ear plugs from an air rifle

Shooting Earplugs From an Air Rifle? Yep

Can earplugs make good bullets?

Well Twang N Bang has the world's most powerful air rifle to test this theory out. Witness if it truly is possible to shoot earplugs from an air rifle.

Twang N Bang has a weapon touted to be the world's most powerful production air rifle. He also has a box of those squishy foam earplugs. What is he going to do with those?

Well, those foam earplugs are going to become bullets. They have been proven to shoot from .45 long colt casings well for quick draw cowboy competition shooting. How well will these same earplugs do as improvised projectiles from an air rifle? Well the results just may surprise you.

As always a special thanks to Twang N Bang for sharing shooting videos of ideas that we would never even think of trying.