3 Different Shooters the New Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus is Perfect For

The new Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus handgun satisfies a lot of shooters' needs.

If you're like us, you notice a new gun on the market and immediately ask, "Would I want to own that?"

With so many factors involved in answering that, most of which start with the price tag, it's sometimes difficult to discern which firearms are for you. Depending on your style, your stature, and your expectations, there will be certain things you'll look for.

With Smith & Wesson's latest edition of their Shield series of pistols, most of those things are covered and included. The M&P Shield 9 Plus would be great for a variety of different shooters, three of which we'll mention here.

But just because you aren't directly a part of any of these groups mentioned doesn't mean you wouldn't get good use and a quality performance out of the M&P Shield Plus.

1. A concealed carrier concerned with comfort

If it wasn't already obvious, the M&P Shield 9 Plus was designed and built for those who prefer to carry concealed. The slim silhouette is just 1.1 inches wide and the short, 6.1-inch overall length make for easy, smooth holstering and deholstering. The improved grip texture is great for firm, steady deployment but remains comfortable when concealed inside the waistband or out, especially when it comes in contact with skin.

And with an overall weight at just over 20 ounces, it's lighter, more comfortable, and ultimately more reliable than just about any concealed carry gun that's come before it.

2. A young adult or female looking for their first gun

The features and enhancements that the M&P Shield Plus can claim are fantastic, but they shouldn't be things that scare away a newbie. In fact, the small size, 9mm chambering, and ability to be easily carried all help make this a great first gun for a beginner shooter.

Younger folks and females may lack the hand dimensions that full-size guns are made to fit, meaning a smaller frame and overall size can benefit them greatly. And while a smaller size and lower weight can oftentimes translate to more recoil (something a new shooter doesn't want), the M&P Shield Plus doesn't fall into that trap.

The 18-degree grip angle is optimized for the best hold and highest accuracy, and the simple manual thumb safety keeps the firearm safe and secure until you need it. While the number of new shooters buying guns for the first time continues to climb, there's thankfully been more and more great options for them to choose from. And the M&P Shield Plus should rank high on that list.

3. A shooter seeking a little more bang for their buck

When we say "more bang," we're being as literal as you'd imagine. The 13+1 capacity of the M&P Shield Plus pushes the ammo load into unprecedented heights, especially for such a small, micro-compact carry gun. That brings a little extra peace of mind not available with a single-stack compact handgun.

That high capacity is possible through Smith & Wesson's extended magazine, which comes standard with every M&P Shield Plus that comes off the shelf. Though it makes it tougher to conceal, the 13+1 capacity grants gun owners their number one wish: more shots between each reload.

Surprisingly, this increased capacity and long list of enhanced features doesn't mean the MSRP is instantly pushed into less affordable levels. The new M&P Shield Plus starts at $553, meaning you won't break the bank once you determine it's the right gun for you.

Ultimately, everyone has a different idea of what they want in a gun, and sometimes those ideas become clearer when you see new firearms hit the market. We knew the M&P Shield 9 Plus would be attractive based on our knowledge of Smith & Wesson's track record. When we saw what it was capable of, everything was confirmed.

Whether you're a brand new shooter, a seasoned concealed carry veteran, or a gun owner looking to stretch the number of shots, the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9 Plus would be great for you.

To further convince it's a good choice, be sure to read up on the M&P Shield 9 Plus at Smith-Wesson.com.