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Great White Gets Trapped in Shark Cage With Diver Still Inside

Great White Break
YouTube: Gabe and Garrett

Watching this great white break through this diving cage is absolutely frightening!

Cage diving with great white sharks has become something that many thrill seekers and shark lovers enjoy. History has shown that the process is relatively safe. However, anything can happen when you are dealing with monsters like these.

Watch the video below to see how lucky this cage diver is as he narrowly escapes this frightening scenario with his life.

A little warning that some people may find this footage a bit disturbing.

I have watched this footage over and over, and I still cannot believe my eyes! It is like a scene out of one of the "Jaws" sequels, but for real!

The fact that the shark made it into the cage is pretty surprising, but the fact that nobody up top knew they still had a diver in the cage makes me question who's in charge of that boat. Sounds like a lawsuit just waiting to happen unfortunately. Also, who designed that cage? That was no small shark, and the fact that it just slipped inside with no problems makes us question the thinking of whoever built the thing.

As soon as the shark realized that he was stuck all mayhem broke loose. Luckily the diver was able to move out of the way and ovoid being injured by the giant white shark. Eventually the shark emerged from the top of the cage and was able to force its way back into open water.

God must have been with that diver to allow him to escape unharmed. That close call was a little too close for comfort!

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Great White Gets Trapped in Shark Cage With Diver Still Inside