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Shed Season: A Community for All Antler Lovers

With the current deer hunting season all but over, our hearts and minds start considering the other wild game that we can hunt over the winter months, but nothing seems to have quite the draw as shed season. Once our bows, rifles, shotguns, and muzzleloaders are put away for the year, we still have a strong desire to continue marching out the door and into the wilderness, and hunting deer antler sheds is one of the greatest reasons why.

Enter Thad Eads, one of the founders of Rack Hub and we now have all the more reason to enjoy looking for antler sheds, especially when we love to do it with fellow shed hunting enthusiasts. Joined by partners Big Tine, HuntWise, Vortex, First Lite, Half Rack, Outdoor Vision, and Dogbone, the good folks at Rack Hub have now created a shed hunting community that has given away more than $10,000 in gear from 2022 and looks to increase that in the coming year. Starting on Valentine's Day 2023 and running until April 14, they will be hosting four giveaways, sharing antler related content, and bringing some new ideas and apparel to the space for all to see. With a community founded on getting everyone involved, it just might make us better shed hunters than ever.

Shed Stories

This is not only the highlight of any antler shed season, but an integral part of the new Shed Season experience for those ready to join this community. Each bone hunter - be it man, woman, or child - can now simply share their shed finding skill and knowledge along with their own success.

One of the best things about this community is that it understands full well that many well-rounded, outdoor loving folks don't come from the ranks of hunters, but may still want to display a found shed like everyone else. Since there might be no better way to introduce a kid to the outdoors and maybe even deer hunting itself, learning about whitetail deer and the why and when of their antler shedding lives can go hand in hand with an education that they will never forget. And we haven't even discussed the regrowth and that gorgeous velvet they produce each year.

Users are encouraged to click on "Share Your Shed Story" to fill out the corresponding short form with a simple name and an e-mail address. After that, just ask the content producers a question, or better yet, share your best shed hunting experience with the community. You may then be asked to make a quick YouTube video or just leave it onsite as a sort of 'love letter' to the other folks using Shed Season.

The Partnerships

Deer Shed Their Antlers

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Joining the Shed Season community will get you on the inside of some great opportunities with everything from deer minerals and attractants to optics gear and dog training systems to teach a pup how to help you hunt for those great sheds. They also include hunting gear from First Lite, taxidermy gear from Wicked North, and of course your favorite way to mount those sheds from Rack Hub.

Having this system of partner generated options gives the commercial user multiple ways to have and enjoy the experience even more. One of the best ways to enjoy this experience is by signing up for one of the three tier levels of sponsorship- Booner Sponsor, Sway-Back Sponsor, or Fork-Horn Sponsor.

The highest level of sponsorship - the Booner - offers the partner a YouTube video for your brand, dedicated reels, and multiple lifestyle photos just to name a few. Every level gives the user sales opportunities, advertising, and inclusion in at least four giveaways. There are also opportunities for name drops in podcasts, weekly organic social media posts, and subscriber e-mails.

The Community for Antler Lovers

Beyond all that commercial stuff is the real reason why we want to know more about Shed Season as a resource for everything that involves us searching for, finding, and gaining more knowledge about the antlers of all members of the cervid family tree. As they say, shed hunting season is the season that never ends, and that might just be the best part of it.

This is also a community that prides itself on the fact that it is all inclusive. To that end, they equally invite hikers, birders, geocachers, and, of course, non-hunters who only want to share in finding the mystery of antler sheds. Here is another great way to introduce kids or any of your favorite canine companions to a walk in the outdoors that has a great expectation and learning possibility.

As they lean into year two of this community for antler lovers, team members Dwayne Jones, Jimmy Giarraputo, Brad Bever, and founder T.J. Eads have been designing, strategizing, building, branding, and otherwise tinkering with anything that could bring great gear to deer hunters and antler gatherers everywhere.

This site and their partners offer up not only some great hunting gear, but shirts, hats, and some newly designed sweaters, but the best part is that everything will be on sale in January 2023.

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