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Are You Ready for the World's Largest Shed Hunt?

Shed Rally is back! Are you ready?

If you live under a rock or haven't been on social media lately, you might not know that it is officially shed season. When the antlers start to drop, it sends whitetail hunters all around into a finding frenzy.

But are you ready for the world's largest shed hunt?

Shed Rally 2017 is just right around the corner. Gather the troops and become a part of this neat event put on by Whitetail Properties.

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You heard it folks. Rest up, save your best spots, grab the crew and take part in the 2017 Shed Rally on March 18-19. This is a great way to get the family outside and get some valuable scouting knowledge on your property and deer herd.

Stay tuned on social media for shed hunting tips, and when the time comes... good luck!

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