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YouTube: Buck Fieber Outdoors

Lucky Hunter Finds Big Matched Set of Shed Antlers in His Own Backyard

Finding a matched set in the backyard is a shed hunter's dream come true.

Shed hunting can be a real exercise in frustration. You can spend hours hiking through the woods and fields just hoping to find one antler, only to come up empty-handed. Which makes it more frustrating when your buddy goes out for an hour and picks up a pile of them.

If only we could get the deer to come to us and drop their antlers in a convenient location.

Every dedicated shed hunter has likely dreamed of a big buck wandering into their backyard and dropping some antlers for easy picking. It would be the ultimate shed antler find. Unfortunately, most of us simply are not that lucky.

However, it turns out that YouTuber Buck Fieber Outdoors IS that lucky. He wanders out into his backyard to check his chickens on an early March morning only to spot a buck he's seen in the area has left him a present. It's a matched set laying less than a hundred feet from his back door!

Well, it doesn't get much better than that! Sure, there may have been plenty of people who have found an antler in a backyard, but a 12-point set with tons of character is something else. Who wouldn't want to find something like that in their backyard? And I thought it was cool when I found a small fork in my uncle's backyard once...

This sort of thing is starting to happen a little more often these days. As deer and other animals lose more habitat due to human progress, it starts forcing the animals to adapt to living in urban areas. This was filmed in Missouri, but there are tons of states in both the Midwest and the western parts of the U.S. that are now seeing huge growth in urban deer populations.

Hey, if I could get a buck like this to drop in my yard consistently, I'd move to the city too!

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