Shark Kayak
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Kayak Angler Nearly Gets Swamped By Shark Lunging At His Catch

Fishing from a kayak is always exciting, even more so when you are out on the open ocean, exposed to the elements. There is something extra thrilling about hooking into an especially big fish far offshore in such a tiny craft. Especially in areas like the Florida Keys where there are so many game fish species swimming around beneath the waves.

The angler in today's video decides to try out fishing under a bridge to see what he can catch. After losing a giant tarpon and catching a jack and grouper, he hooks into another fish that gets hung up on the bottom.

After a few minutes he finally gets the fish free. He just about has it to the kayak when a massive shark appears out of nowhere to steal his catch off the hook. In the process, he soaks the fisherman with a mighty flip of the tail. The whole video is good, but the shark incident happens at roughly the 11:15 mark.

If that was not an underwear ruining moment, we do not know what else qualifies. Especially when you are sitting in a small kayak. That sharked looked to be as long, if not longer, than the craft he was sitting inside. Another few inches closer, and it is plausible it could have swamped him. It looked like a bull shark to us, which is a species you do not want to mess around with. This guy stayed a lot calmer than we would have been. Personally, I would have been halfway back to the launch after that!

We are extremely curious about what the structure underneath this bridge looks like. As you saw from this video, it held a plethora of species big and small. We are guessing there are some remains from the construction of the bridge under there that are concentrating all these fish. They could also be holding on the supports for cover.

Either way, it is a hotspot. Just watch out for those sharks while you are there.It just goes to show why the Florida Keys are one of the best fishing spots in the United States.

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