Shady Rays DeepSea Collection Drops

Shady Rays is bringing the DeepSea collection of sunglasses, in two new styles, to their extensive lineup of eyewear.

Shady Rays has released their latest saltwater-proof sunglass designs known as the DeepSea collection, with two models immediately available. The DeepSea Manta and DeepSea Cuda are said to eliminate glare and combine ultimate optical visibility with Shady Rays' own patented lens technology made from rare earth materials.

Polycarbonate frames in three colorways of Matte Black, Amber Tortoise, Transparent Gray can be matched with a lineup of three lens choices: Blackout Polarized, Blue Glacier Polarized, Emerald Polarized.

Shady Rays says they'll help you experience color on another level, and those attributes certainly apply to the fishing community, especially those fishing saltwater in sunny climates. The Cuda is touted as the sport-style frames with a wraparound sun coverage, while the Manta is more of an everyday pair of shades said to look good, feel good, and perform great.

"Our new DeepSea Collection is one our most exciting launches to date. We set out to build the best of the best in polarized visibility, and we do that through patented color-enhancement technology with total glare-eliminating polarized lenses - perfect for when you're on the water reeling in the 'big one,' or on any outdoor adventure," Shady Rays CEO Chris Ratterman said. "Backed by our Lifetime Warranty, as well as Lost and Broken protection, the DeepSea collection offers a comfortable fit for everyday wear with unmatched optical clarity. With every purchase of our DeepSea collection - and every Shady Rays style - we donate 10 meals to fight hunger in America through our partnership with Feeding America. We are fortunate to have been able to donate over 15 million meals to date with our customers."

These kind of charitable initiatives (that sunglasses brands in particular) are participating in bring a fresh, meaningful purpose to the idea of creating outdoor performance gear that outdoor-obsessed folks are going to benefit from.

Most notably, the shades come with a full lifetime warranty and lost or broken protection. That proves they're not only inherently durable, but they're meant to last through a lot of use in some harsh environments. Just like a pair of sunglasses should be, right?

The price comes out to $98 no matter what color or lens you chose, a more-than-fair value.

The Shady Rays DeepSea collection is available right now on their website.