Larry Smith - Wheezy Outdoors/Facebook

Did These Seasoned Outdoor Folk Have a Bigfoot Encounter?

Moose, bear... or bigfoot? You be the judge.

We'll be the first to admit it: we're suckers for all things bigfoot related. Any grainy photo or pixelated video just fuels the fire, but really, it's all in good fun. The following post we stumbled upon is a prime example.

Larry Smith recently posted the following to his Facebook page:

Here's some creepy photos from Alice & Justin at Wheezy Outdoors.
While trolling for walleyes on a northern MN lake, heavy storms were coming so they started packing up..........when this came out of the woods; over 500 yards away, it walked back and forth from the water to the woods picking things up .
They watched it for 3-5 mins. It was brown/black so at first glance they thought it was a bear but noticed it moved upright way too fast, they're seasoned bear guides so they knew it wasn't moving like a bear. They only had their phones to take photos, and video couldn't zoom in enough. The area doesn't have public access and is heavily swamped. They're still unsure what they saw........put yourself in this situation!




Thoughts? The 'walking upright' sure is throwing us off. Hmm...

If only this couple had some real camera gear on board with them that day, or managed to get closer. But hey, then we wouldn't be left wondering - and that's what every good bigfoot story is all about.

The truth is out there.

Images Courtesy Larry Smith - Wheezy Outdoors/Facebook

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