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"Got Any Room For Me?!" Baby Seal Jumps Into a Tandem Kayak

Most people expect to see wildlife while they are kayaking. If you are in the ocean you see even more. Sometimes kayaker's come across sharks, especially when fishing like this ocean kayaker, or they will cross paths with dolphins and whales. One kayaker came face to face with a friendly baby seal, while paddling around Cap-aux-Os, Gaspé, Québec. The area is known for seals, so seeing one is not unheard of. However, a seal jumping into the kayak was certainly unusual.

The video, featured on ViralHog, came from a woman who was out with her boyfriend. She provided some more context, reporting that "We got so lucky that one of the baby seals was curious enough to come see us and try to jump on our kayak twice and no one else (I think we were his favorites, lol)."

In the video, the seal keeps swimming around the kayak, attempting to join his new friends on their water adventure. The poster wrote, "We couldn't help him on as the guide has told us not to touch the wild animals, because they would get human scent on them and get rejected from their colony."

The video abruptly ends because the poster "couldn't help myself from laughing because I was not expecting that at all, and of course I had to stop and enjoy this amazing, once in a lifetime moment with the gorgeous water puppy!" The little guy certainly is adorable. She said that many people assumed the seal pup was fleeing something like an orca or was in some form of danger. However the video owner wrote, "As a matter of fact, it was just a curious baby, which is purely normal for them to do as they're exploring (not very common from adult seals though, they're more cautious). There was no danger nearby and certainly no orcas in Gaspésie, orcas are to be found in BC. We assure you, the wild animal was entirely safe! Especially with us."

Thankfully, the little guy seemed to just be curious, and the poster followed the right protocol by not trying to touch him, despite his attempts to jump into the kayak.

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