bus hits deer
Screenshot: WRIC

Deer Flies Through Windshield of Virginia School Bus

The deer actually landed on a student in the front row.

A school bus route took an interesting turn at 6 a.m. Thursday morning on Route 13 in Powhatan County, Virginia, when a deer crashed through the windshield and flipped into the front row of seats.

According to a report from WRIC, Powhatan County Public Schools Interim Transportation Director Brian Bartlett said the Powhatan High School bus was traveling through a 45 mph zone when it collided with the animal.

"(It) jumped in the air right about the time he hit it," Bartlett said.

As you can see in the video below, the deer crashes into the first row where a student was sitting with his head down.

"I was trying to sleep," he jokingly tells the other students on the bus after the incident.

As rough as the collision looks on video, though, it's easy to tell the outcome could've been much, much worse. Not only could the initial impact itself have been worse, the bus driver and the passengers were also lucky the deer quickly exited through the front doors.

Bartlett stressed how lucky the passenger probably was to have been crouching down, too.

"It would have hit him in the chest or the top of his head or something. We are very lucky and he's very lucky," he said. "It could've easily come in the driver's windshield as well, so the driver was very lucky, too."

The total estimated cost of repairs was only around $300 dollars, which likely would've been more had the deer hit the grill instead of the windshield. But instead, all that was damaged was the windshield, the windshield wipers and the mirror above the driver's seat.

"It's a big job to do to drive that bus, watch the kids on the bus and watch all the vehicles around, and then to have wildlife come through the windshield just added to it," Bartlett said.

A man nearby approached the bus and told the passengers that he saw the deer flee into the woods to safety.

For a collision that looked so brutal, it's safe to say luck was on everyone's side, including the deer.