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7 Best Scent Removers for Your Hands

If you have ever handled a northern pike, gutted a deer, cut up some onions, or spilled some gasoline on them, you know what it's like to have your hands collect stench. Add to that the fact that those odors can be a chore to remove, and you're going to need one or more of these great products to do the dirty work for you.

We all get our hands dirty and are darn proud of it, but whether you are a man or a woman, you will eventually get something on your outdoor loving hands that needs removing. It would also be nice if the products we choose can be used for everyday purposes and not left to age on the shelf in the garage or the cupboard during the offseason.

Fishing or hunting, getting the scent off of our hands can make all the difference in our success, above and beyond just simply finding some generic hand cleaner to remove the grime of the day's hard work. As outdoor loving folks, we can all appreciate some level of consistency in a product that will not only clean our hands, but remove any scent that could disrupt our fishing or hunting excursion, and leave us smelling bad.

Dr. Juice Hand & Lure Cleaner

This product has been a go-to of mine for many years and it is one of the only ones I've ever used that truly takes away the scent of spilled gasoline. It wasn't all that long ago that biologists began using a term we are now familiar with, referring to an amino acid left on our fishing lures and other gear known as "L-serine."

Between this fish repelling amino acid left by our fingers along with products such as sunscreen and insect repellent, it's no wonder why we are sometimes lacking in success in the field and out on the water, but now that can be a thing of the past.

Amco Stainless Steel Odor Bar

We've been using these stainless steel odor bars for many years based on the real science that the molecules in the steel bind with those on your hands to transfer them (and the smell) off of your hands and onto the bar. Many folks who cook regularly with garlic swear by these metal bars and even say that they last for many years of use.

Whether you are cooking with strong onions or cleaning fish after a successful day on the water, you will notice the difference. Simply use it like a normal bar of soap by rubbing it with your hands under running water.

Ardent Fish-D-Funk Wipes

As advertised, these great wipes work well to remove fish odors from your hands, especially those from cleaning a pile of fresh fish. They also work well for taking on those other smells that we incur while enjoying the outdoors such as sun and insect protection.

Not only that, but they can be easily used to wipe down your fillet knife, (although it should still be washed with soap and water before the next use) the gunnels on your boat, along with fishing reels and other tools. They work great for catfish, pike, and any of the other fish we love that come with a strong fishy smell.

Pro-Cure Bad Azz Hand & Lure Soap

This liquid, foaming scent remover is a waterless way to regain control of the fishy smells emanating from your hands after a long day of fishing. Not only is it great for cleaning tackle and lures, but as an odor remover for your hands to keep fish from busting you.

This product doesn't just cover the scent, but removes it from your hands and tools while keeping your tackle and lures clean.

Stink Muncher Fish & Game Odor Remover

This made-in-America product from Life Miracle is meant as an odor removing spray for your hunting and fishing clothes, but works just fine on even the most sensitive hands. The non-toxic natural enzymes used in Stink Muncher are a far cry from the harsh chemicals that some brands use and much safer for you, your hands, and gear.

This all natural spray gets to the smell right at the source without using the entire bottle to rid yourself of the offending scent and takes care of the issue on the spot.

Hook Ya Angler Hand Deodorizer

This fishing specific hand deodorizer uses a pumice hand scrub with lemon scent to remove offending odors and leave you with something better. While this product does not contain petroleum solvents, it does work well as a degreaser for those messier times when you had to lift the outboard and work on it during your outing.

Also made in the U.S., product works as well in the shop as it does out on the water, and you will see the gel work its magic when getting the smell of fish guts off your hands once and for all.

MacKenzie's Fisherman Hand Scrub

Don't let the name fool you into believing that this is only made for fishermen since this natural ingredient product has everything you need to cleanse your hands whether you are coming off of the boat or the leaving behind a gut pile. Mackenzie's is famous for its lack of parabens, metals, and dyes as it is for its walnut husk scrub, tea tree essential oil, rosemary extract, Vitamin E, rosewood essential oil, and lemon oil just to name a few of their ingredients.

Made in New England, Mackenzie's has a great lemon scent, but it doesn't leave you smelling lemons all day either. If you're looking for something that works as a scrub to get rid of fish and game smells without leaving something else in its place, then this is the one for you.

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