Where's the Best Hunting Camp in the U.S.?

We talked about our favorite hunting camps in the U.S., and why they're all special in their own way.

Our friends at Savage Arms posed the question: Where are the best U.S. hunting camps? It almost seemed unfair, but we had to at least try to answer.

Joined together were Wide Open Spaces editor in chief Eric Pickhartz, Associate Editor David Schlake, and Social Media Manager Daryk Ganske, and they set out to share their opinions on the matter.

The biggest conclusion they came to was that it doesn't matter if it's deer camp, duck camp, or turkey camp. It doesn't matter if you pitch a wall tent in the backcountry, or sleep in a comfy bed inside a luxury hunting lodge.

Hunting trips, and the destinations we share with our band of brothers and sisters, are made all the better by the good food, good conversation and storytelling, and of course the feeling of personal connectivity for each camper who experiences them.

Sportsmen and women all across the United States, and even beyond, are welcome to stake a claim to their own way of conducting hunt camp as their favorite, and that inherently makes them the best in their individual eyes. That's what the traditions of hunting camp should be about, and Savage knows full well this is the case.

If it's your first time or twentieth, you're backpacking with friends on a DIY mule hunt or piling the extended family into a tiny little duck blind, these are the things we love the most about being hunters in the first place.