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3 Savage Guns for 3 Kinds of Hunting

With these three firearms, you can hunt almost anything in North America.

Savage Arms has become a staple among firearm enthusiasts over recent years, as they've continued to build on their reputation as a gun manufacturer that produces quality, affordability and variety to fit any use and budget.

Given the diversity of Savage's lineup, we've found that they have a firearm for just about every hunting scenario out there. However, it's also our belief that a well-versed hunter could do it all with just three of their offerings.

So, if you're looking for a gun collection you can complete in short time that will serve all hunting needs, look no further.

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110 Ultralite

Essentially the ultimate hunter's rifle, the 110 Ultralite couples a lightweight, easy-to-maneuver design with Savage's elevated performance standards.

Whether you're climbing over a tree on the way to your whitetail hotspot or putting on countless miles in the mountainous backcountry in pursuit of that big bull elk, the featherweight 6-pound Utlralite design will pay dividends.

In addition to the melonite skeletonized receiver that makes it so light, this rifle can also stand up to nature's elements. Savage gave it a carbon-fiber-wrapped stainless steel barrel, which will shed rain, snow and dust without a problem.

While you could go a number of ways with all the calibers available—.308 Win., .270 Win., 28 Nosler, .280 Ackley Improved, .30-06 Springfield, .300 WSM, 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 PRC—you're probably going to want something versatile, since we're limiting ourselves to only three firearms. The .30-06 Springfield may be the most versatile rifle caliber of them all (depending on who you ask).

The power, speed and accuracy of a .30-06 bullet, paired with Savage's famed AccuTrigger and AccuFit technology will make for a lethal, reliable hunting rifle that consistently keeps the freezer filled with delicious wild game meat.

Renegauge Waterfowl

Truth be told, any of the Renegauge models could make this list, but if you're buying one shotgun, you might as well get one with a waterfowl camouflage pattern to allow for a duck hunt in the marshland.

Although this shotgun only comes in a 12-gauge offering, you wouldn't want to go any smaller. Whether you want to hunt ducks, geese, doves, turkeys, quail, grouse or pheasant, this shotgun is up for the task.

A new addition to Savage's lineup, the Renegauge brings the patented D.R.I.V. (Dual Regulating Inline Valve) gas system to the forefront. By ensuring all excess gas vents before driving the bolt, the system creates very consistent ejection, an incredibly fast cyclic rate, and less felt recoil.

So, if you find yourself under a sky of birds and need to work shells through quickly, you'll have a semi-automatic shotgun that can keep up.

You can also adjust the length-of-pull and drop at the heel to create the perfect fit.


Last but not least, you need something smaller for plinking and small-game hunting, and perhaps nothing can beat the Savage A22.

Chambered in .22 LR, the A22 is one of the most popular rimfire rifles on the market today. Its popularity stems largely from its modest price point, but only because owners get so much bang for their buck.

Not only does it offer stunning accuracy for a .22 LR, but the A22 also uses a straight-blowback, semi-automatic action, which is fed by a 10-round rotary magazine.

Needless to say, with big box of .22 LR ammo, you could have quite the day at the range with this gun too.

And, with a 22-inch, high luster carbon steel barrel, you'll have plenty of gun to hunt squirrels, rabbits and other smaller four-legged critters.

With these three Savage firearms, you can hunt virtually any of the game animals North America has to offer, and with the right care and maintenance, will never need to buy another.