Sandwich Bag Fire Starter
YouTube: TKOR

How to Turn a Sandwich Bag Into an Emergency Fire Starter

If you start reading survival stories, you'll find that the common denominator with most of them is that people end up stranded or lost in the wilderness when they least expect it. From there, it's up to each person to use their wits and what they have on hand to make it through the situation alive. Sometimes that means using some rather unconventional tools to help in your survival. Because fire is one of the things many people struggle with, it's worth knowing several different ways of producing it. One of the most outside-the-box ways to do that is with an ordinary sandwich bag. Which is something that a lot of people are going to have in their packs in a potential survival scenario.

This video explains just how to do it. All you need is a clear water source, a sandwich bag, some proper tinder, and a little bit of sunlight to make it work. This probably isn't the easiest fire starting solution out there, but it's one to try if all other methods have failed.

This is a little like playing with a magnifying glass as a kid. If you can harness and focus the power of the sun's awesome rays, there is a chance you can get a fire started. This is a very clever solution to the fire starting hurdle many people struggle to overcome in a backcountry survival situation. The only real risk is the chance of the bag breaking when you twist the end of it. If you only have one or two in your possession, you'll want to be very careful.

You'll also need to be extra cautious about a few extra drips of water getting in the tinder you've so carefully prepared. Just one drop can make all your hard work for naught. Still, we're glad we learned this little trick. One just never knows when this type of information can come in handy and potentially save your life. There's no such thing as knowing too many survival skills!

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