Safari Club International Convention Boasts Shockeys at Featured Events

The legendary hunting guide and TV show host, and his equally-popular daughter, are headlining the weekend events at the SCI Convention.

Jim Shockey and Eva Shockey will both appear at the Safari Club International's annual Hunters' Convention this week. The show is SCI's opportunity to raise funds, spread info, and help support the worldwide hunting industry.

Jim is joining a special Q&A Seminar on Saturday at 11:00 a.m., and Eva will be featured at the "Protect Your Freedom to Hunt" Luncheon on Saturday as well.

Here's the specific ticket info for the "Protect Your Freedom to Hunt" Luncheon:

Silver Level
Individual tickets: 
Table (includes 10 seats): 

Gold Level
Preferred Seating (Includes personal meeting and photo with Eva Shockey and personally autographed copy of her book: "Taking Aim - Daring to Be Different, Happier and Healthier in the Great Outdoors.")
Individual tickets: 
Table (includes 10 seats): 

Ticket sales will benefit SCI's Hunter Advocacy program and the live and silent auction proceeds will support SCI's Hunter Action Fund (HAF) SuperPac.

To register to attend the convention, you can go to

We all know Jim from Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures, and Eva was the second woman to appear on the cover of Field & Stream.

These two hunting celebrities are ideal spokespeople for what the SCI Convention is all about: protecting the ability to hunt and conserve the game animals we've always dreamed of.

Fred Boyer will also appear on Friday, and comedian and actor Tim Allen is performing at a special evening event at the MGM Grand.

If names like these continue to support hunting, and doing it right, the overall community should be in good hands.