Rut Daniels
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Rut Daniels Takes His Talents to the Bear Bait Site

Rut is out baiting for bear season!

We are in the heart of summer right now and for most of us, that means the off-season. It feels like the fall deer seasons are light years away. Fortunately, if you have a hunting itch you simply cannot scratch, there are some bear hunting seasons happening during the summer. The time is now to set up your bait sites in hopes of bagging a big bruin.

That is exactly what one of our favorite comedic hunting personalities, Rut Daniels is doing right now. In typical Rut fashion, he talks a mile a minute while prepping his bear hunting spot with bait.

Is there anything in the hunting world that Rut is NOT an expert on? We did not think so!

"Doc said my cholesterol was higher than a hang-on in a jack pine and I didn't have a harness."

Ol' Rut. He loves his hunting and he takes full advantage of every season that he can. Often in hilarious fashion. These may have been some of our favorite one-liners of his so far.

"Back in 89 I was hunting with Kibbles and Bits, that was until I came full draw on my neighbor's lazy black lab. Switched to the grease!"

For the unfamiliar, "Rut" is actually Bud Fisher, the brother of former NHL star Mike Fisher. After Mike retired from hockey, the two brothers started their own outdoor clothing brand called "Catchin' Deers." The name is a play on the tired old non-hunter question of "Did you catch anything?" We think we have all been subject to that annoying question at some point or another.

The Rut character was then developed from there. The brothers even gave him a backstory as a former Olympic archer who had a fall from grace. The character has really resonated with hunters because let's face it, we all know someone just like Rut.

Thanks for the laughs guys, we cannot wait to see what misadventures Rut gets into next.

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