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RTIC Coolers Hints at Production Gun Cases

RTIC Hard Cases

The cooler industry just keeps getting bigger.

We knew things were going to change around the cooler scene after RTIC and Yeti settled their dispute last year.

What we weren't sure about was just how drastic things were going to change. While Yeti has stayed closer to home, RTIC, it appears, is planning to venture out in exciting new ways in 2018. The company recently put this photo out on social media, teasing about hard gun cases coming to their lineup this year.

RTIC Hard Cases

The gun cases appear to come in multiple sizes and styles. Word from RTIC suggests the long gun case is currently planned to have a length of 41.5 inches. Prices have not yet been set for the new cases.

The shift to hard cases seems makes sense for the rotomolded cooler manufacturer. Stay tuned to Wide Open Spaces for a review when the product debuts later this year!

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RTIC Coolers Hints at Production Gun Cases