What's at the Root of Anti-Hunting Activism?

I think anti-hunters hate what we do because they lack the understanding of hunting and conservation.

Anti-hunters have been causing the outdoor world problems for years. Why is that?

Do they find joy in harassing a hunter for their right to hunt because it makes them feel better about their lives? Do they think they're helping the animals by calling us murderers?

Are they actually dim enough to not realize the level of wildlife conservation made possible almost entirely through hunting?

In my few short years of working in the outdoor industry, I have found that anti-hunters will stop any nothing to call you out, no matter who you are.

Anti-hunters have been trolling my pages for a while now. I find it funny to know that they will spend hours browsing the internet, searching out who to harass.

Now, I respect the idea of protecting animal life. However, hunters are more so the protectors of animal life, supported through our hunting licenses and purchases: A good majority of that money goes towards conservational funds.

I have to wonder if there's an anti-hunter out there who's eating a cheeseburger and wearing a leather belt while trolling a hunter's page.

The anti-hunters I've encountered just don't think things out, but they have never experienced the outdoors the way I have. How are they really supposed to know?

Hunting or farming?

It seems like they don't care about how the farmers kill the animals, but they care about how hunters kill animals. A deer gets to live its life at the fullest in the wilderness, while a cow is encaged for all or most of its life, only born to die and end up on a dinner plate.

Shouldn't they be anti-farmers then? I am not against farming in any way at all, but if people want to get mad, they should get mad at the manufacture farmers.

Steven Rinella, arguably the most educated outdoorsman alive, said it best. I'll paraphrase what he said for you:

We, as humans, have hunted for 4,000+ years. For us not to hunt would be abnormal. Anti-hunters and veganism is a relatively new thing. If I went up to some carnivorous animal and politely asked it to not hunt for food, what would it do? It would KEEP hunting! The carnivore will hunt no matter what. You can take his teeth away and it would still try to hunt. Thus, you can take away my guns and bows and I will still try to hunt! Nothing will stop me from hunting. Hunting is a natural thing and has been around for years.

What is the point?

I'd argue that anti-hunters really don't have one.

If you get down to it, their point is to say nothing more than "I am holier than thou." It likely makes them feel better about themselves.

For most people born after the 1970s, connection with nature isn't exactly a familiar thing. Outside of pets, the only connection with nature that most people have is their computer or TV!

Recent animated films have somehow convinced people that animals have human-like emotions like romance, family caring, and some sole purpose to life.

Animals do not have human emotions. A buck will move from one doe to another. An animal's goal is to eat and reproduce, that is all.

"Do goodism"

All this being said, I hope hunters will understand why anti-hunting is so foolish. It's the feeling that they're doing good, defending the defenseless, and standing up for something they feel strongly about. It's just unfortunate that it often turns into hate, when I know that's not at the root of it all.

It's hard to poignantly say you're doing something to improve the experience of being a wild animal. Even wild animals that are hunted lead good lives. It's the anti-hunter's fault that they can't understand that.

I almost guarantee you that this article will appear on social media, posted by anti-hunters saying "This guy is a moron," or "This article is bull crap." And what will I say in return?

Actually, engaging them might be a good idea in some cases, but in the strongest, it's futile. And to that I hope and pray it starts to improve, and heaven forbid, doesn't get any worse.

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