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The Rocky Mountaineer Train: America from a Different Perspective

The Rocky Mountaineer has provided luxury train journeys on three iconic routes around western Canada and the Canadian Rockies. This world-renowned train travels by daylight so that passengers can truly soak up every scenic view and landscape possible.

Their three integral routes start with the First Passage to the West, traveling from Vancouver, Canada, through Kamloops, and to the legendary Lake Louise and Banff. The second route is Journey Through The Clouds, which heads from Vancouver to Kamloops to Jasper and through Jasper National Park. The third train journey is called Rainforest To Gold Rush, starting in Vancouver and trekking through Whistler, Quesnel, and Jasper National Park to Calgary.

All-Aboard the Most Luxury Train Travel Service

No matter the Mountaineer rail route you choose to fuel your train getaway through North America, the Rocky Mountaineer's stellar service packages ensure that you are 100% pleased with any given moment on your train ride. The custom-designed glass-dome windows and coaches offer insane panoramic views during every moment of your Rocky Mountaineer vacation and super comfy reclining seats for ultimate relaxation.

A true sightseeing adventure at its finest, this travel experience via rail also provides superb gourmet meals by executive chefs. Featuring locally-inspired ingredients and five-star service, you can enjoy incredible meals together with equally unbelievable views from the dining car. With their specially-curated day-trip schedule, guests stay in beautiful hotels by night and take in the scenery by the day.

The Rockies To The Red Rocks

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The fourth and newest RM route, Rockies To The Red Rocks, is a two-day train trip spanning the unsurmountable scenery between Moab, Utah, Glenwood Springs, and Denver, Colorado. Red-rock deserts, wide stone arches, and majestic hoodoos peek at their faces as you cross one of the best views of the Continental Divide. Day One kicks off in Moab, where you check-in, meet your hosts and become accustomed to life on the Rocky Mountaineer Train.

Conversate over dinner with stunning mountain views as you traverse the sights of Mountain Garfield and Ruby Canyon before settling in for the night in the resort town of Glenwood Springs. Day two begins as you reboard the train and head east towards Denver, eating breakfast alongside the Colorado River. Before arriving in the Mile High City, the Rockies await as you cross the Continental Divide and enter the 6.3-mile Moffat Tunnel, a spectacular feat to engineering everywhere.

To make it even more convenient and accessible, all offered packages can be embarked from either direction with options to start or end in Denver, Moab, Las Vegas, or even Salt Lake City. With the new rail route, guests have the added option of purchasing the SilverLeaf Plus package, granting access to a newly-renovated lounge car with more space indoors and a quaint outdoor viewing platform for soaking in that fresh mountain air.

Packages & SilverLeaf and GoldLeaf Service

When you choose your Rocky Mountaineer trip, you can choose between two service packages: the SilverLeaf and the GoldLeaf. The SilverLeaf Service offers panoramic views, delicious meals and beverages brought right to your seat, friendly Hosts, and complimentary baggage transfers. A step above the Silver, the GoldLeaf Service boasts gourmet meals prepared by Executive Chefs and expansive views through the picture windows of the bi-level glass-domed car.

Check out the spectacular packages and trips curated via the Rocky Mountaineer Train to discover an out-of-the-box journey of a lifetime! You can even look for specific promotions and partnerships this luxury train service presents.

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