Ride Over Everything…In Comfort

Why the new Wildcat™ XX sets the standard for occupant comfort.

To give the ultimate driving experience, an off-road vehicle not only has to handle well, ride smoothly and have power, but should also provide a comfortable driver experience inside the cab. This experience was of utmost importance when Textron Off Road and Robby Gordon co-developed Wildcat XX. Its thoughtful, automotive-style design keeps the occupants in mind.

The vehicle's large, spacious cab is the biggest in its class and was developed to fit any size of driver. An optimally placed dead pedal doesn't require the driver's left leg to be bent more than the right for increased comfort. Sixty percent of the dashboard and the entire center panel is focused towards the driver for better ergonomics and visibility.

The racing-inspired ROPS not only gives the vehicle sleek and sporty lines but offers ample headroom for taller occupants. Wildcat XX is outfitted with standard full doors and oversized fenders for increased water and mud protection.

When a vehicle is designed with the help of an off-road racing legend who has spent countless hours pounding through some of the toughest terrain in the world, the design will be comfortable for any weekend warrior.