Restock Your Hunting and Camping Essentials with the GovPlanet Tuesday Auctions

GovPlanet's Weekly Tuesday Auction has it all from ammo cans to exercise equipment.

Every Tuesday, GovPlanet is home to your best chance at getting some uniquely awesome gear, tools, and big equipment for prices far less expensive than you'd think. It's all authentic, quality government surplus gear, the kind people will pay lots and lots of money for, and the fact that it's being auctioned online gives you a huge advantage.

GovPlanet offers more than 250 items during their massive Tuesday auctions, and you can be there every week to resupply your camping and hunting collection. The auction gets started at 11:00 a.m. Eastern, 8:00 a.m. Pacific each week. And if you want to grab stuff you've always needed for as low as $1.75, this is your opportunity.

Some of the highlights include quality clothing, field gear, and office furniture, and you can sign up to be the first to learn about new inventory releases and sales.

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Many of the auction items are in bulk, meaning these Tuesday auctions are great sources for re-sellers to stock up on government surplus items and other useful stuff.

A Craftsman tool bench starting at $20? A pallet of ammo cans for less than $300? Heck, a surplus lot of 100 molle camo waistbands, with an opening bid of less than $1.75 per.

If you need something for the cabin or hunting camp, or are in need of basics like a pair of boots or an anchor, you'll find something, be able to easily bid on it, and stand a chance at scoring a lot of gear. There are medical supplies, exercise equipment, and all sorts of things up for grabs.

See what's on the auction block here, and follow them on Twitter.

Find out how cool of a place is, and see what you can find. You might be surprised.