Remington's New Model 700, the American Wilderness Rifle, Laughs at Extreme Conditions

Learn a little about what makes the Remington Model 700 American Wilderness Rifle an instant classic.

These days, when a hunter is asked, "Have you ever shot a Remington 700?" the likely response is "You'll need to be more specific."

One of Remington's (and the world's, quite frankly) most famous big game hunting rifles has seen a good amount of variety added to its model lineup, and the latest Model 700 sources from the features that made the original great while still standing alone as a true American Wilderness Rifle.



Known as the Remington 700 AWR, the American Wilderness Rifle has what it takes to survive the highest mountain hikes, the steepest valley edges, and the rowdiest terrain any American hunter is willing to expose themselves to.

It has a 24-inch, 416 stainless steel rifled barrel, and an overall length of 44.5 inches. The black Cerakote finish on the barrel can withstand a lot of abuse, and the Grayboe fiberglass and epoxy stock is about as tough a material you can find.


The AWR comes in at a weight of 7.375 pounds, light enough to carry through strenuous days of the most wild and remote places you can dream of hunting.

If there was ever a rifle that embodied the spirit and determination represented by the American hunter, it's the Remington 700 AWR. To get more details on the gun and the other Model 700 varieties from Remington, check out their website.