Remington Model 870 DM Shotgun

Remington's New Model 870 DM Shotgun is a Game Changer

Remington has just added a new feature to their iconic Model 870 Shotgun. 

Well the Remington 870 pump-action shotgun has not changed much in over the years. Aside from some some different stock or barrel options, the receiver has always pretty much stayed the same. Well, that is until now.

Watch the video below to see what the new Remington Model 870 DM Shotgun, starting at $529, is all about.

The proven Remington 870 shotgun now features a version with detachable magazines. Offered in three-shell and six-shell capacities, they allow quicker reloading than the older models with the integral tube magazine.

Remington offers this shotgun in various styles. You can check all of them out on the Remington website to see what options you have now.

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