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Remington Ammunition Says They are Now "Working 24/7" to Combat Ammo Shortage

Remington says "Big Green is Back" and the Ammo Shortage will end soon.

"This is ridiculous!" Those were the words I heard from a guy in front of me surveying the completely bare ammo shelves at a farm store several weeks back. I went to several stores that day and only saw a few lonely boxes of 10mm Auto and some birdshot on the shelf of a sporting goods store. Odds are, you have experienced similar frustrations trying to find ammo the last few months.

Well, Remington Arms says help is on the way. They have just restarted operations at their Lonoke, Arkansas facility. Realizing that shooters across the nation are unhappy with the total lack of available ammo, they are running operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet demand and re-fill store shelves.

In a short three-minute video, Remington President Jason Vanderbrink takes a quick look around the factory while proudly proclaiming "Big Green is back."

"American manufacturing is about to roar, and Remington Ammunition is back," Vanderbrink said in the video.

As we have already talked about here in the past at Wide Open Spaces, 2020 saw massive and unprecedented sales of firearms. A record 7 million people bought firearms for the first time as the pandemic got worse. That is not counting all the experienced gun owners who added to their collections and stockpiled ammo. Things got increasingly worse as the Coronavirus pandemic took hold and it became a perfect storm for a shortage. There was simply no way for manufacturers to keep up with the overwhelming demand.

Of course, it did not help that Remington filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July 2020 either. It was the company's second time doing so in the last two years. Remington says they are working to acquire the raw materials and hire new workers to get things rolling again at their main facility. In a press release, Vanderbrink sought to assure customers they are aware of the frustration in seeing bare store shelves and that things will improve soon.

"The shooting sports industry has experienced unprecedented growth and demand for high-quality ammunition, in large part driven by millions of new legal firearms owners joining our community over the past year," Vanderbrink said. "Our message to new owners and to our millions of die-hard Remington Ammunition fans is that our operations are in full swing, our quality control is second to none and our entire time is working tirelessly to make more ammo."

We will be keeping a closer eye on our local sporting goods shelves now for sure. Everyone here at Wide Open Spaces is as ready for this shortage to be over as everyone else is.

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