Remi Warren Moose
YouTube: Remi Warren

Remi Warren Makes Two Perfect Pass-Through Shots on Canadian Moose

Everyone knows moose are tough. The biggest bulls don't get that large without having some true survival instincts and determination. So, even when a hunter aims at one using some of the best modern hunting equipment available today, it's not guaranteed to be an easy harvest. Case in point is this incredible hunting video from Remi Warren. He's out in the wilds of Newfoundland, Canada, hoping to get a chance at a large bull moose. After some spot and stalking, the group spots a nice bull. Remi gets his chance at remarkably close range and perfectly puts an arrow right through the boiler room of this large bull.

However, this old boy is extremely tough, and he's not going down easily. Remi quickly knocks another arrow and puts a second one through the vitals. Both arrows manage a perfect pass through of the tough hide on this magnificent animal. The angles they manage to capture of this harvest are some of the best we've ever seen of a modern bowhunt.

This is truly a testament to how tough moose are. Remi's first shot looked ideal, but it only seemed to slow the old boy down. In truth, it probably would have eventually succumbed to the first shot. However, we think Remi did the right thing by immediately following up with a second arrow to bring the moose down quicker and more humanely. If the animal is still standing and presenting you with a good second shot, there's no reason not to follow up again and try to end things quickly.

Kudos to Remi's camera guys for getting some shots we've never seen before in any other hunting video. It's not easy to get that on video, much less from a few different angles. That is just going to make this hunt even more memorable when he looks back at it years down the line. Awesome bull Remi, we can't wait to see how you top this hunt!

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