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Recycle Your Christmas Tree for Fish Habitats

Reuse a Christmas tree for fish habitats and you'll be improving your chance at a catch later this season.

Now that the big day is done, and you've pulled all your new fishing gear from beneath your Christmas tree, what are you going to do with that Douglas Fir or White Spruce?

Many local US Fish and Wildlife Departments are accepting donated trees to serve as fish habitat areas. Trees are being collected in certain spots, then attached to cinder blocks or other heavy objects and submerged under the surface of lakes.

Here's an old video that shows how it works:

The trees will act as cover for small invertebrates and fish species, which in turn will attract bigger fish, which feed on them through the winter and spring. This type of underwater vegetation is especially important in manmade lakes, where natural cover is sometimes hard to come by.

To find out if trees are being accepted for fish habitats in your area, contact your local Fish and Wildlife or Natural Resources Departments. Donating a Christmas tree for fish habitats is essentially improving your odds of catching a big one later this year.

Take advantage of this recycling opportunity, and you may be able to say your keepers were caught because of your post-holiday generosity. The fish will thank you.


Recycle Your Christmas Tree for Fish Habitats