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3 Reasons to Book a Deep Sea Fishing Charter this Summer


If you are like me, catching bass, crappie, and bluegill never gets old, but eventually I yearn for something different and more adventurous. And let me tell you, the ocean is the place to satisfy that craving! I went on my first deep sea fishing trip when I was fourteen. It was a whole new experience for me and nothing I had done up to that point even compared. I felt like I had an appreciation for big water fishing and catching good-sized fish having fished some of the deep water reservoirs in Arkansas, but I was incredibly wrong. We bottom fished for red snapper and trolled for king and Spanish mackerel. The fish were not giants but pretty good-sized. Even though the snapper we caught weighed five to ten pounds, each one felt like we were reeling in a fifty pound concrete block. It was unbelievable. Since that time I have been deep sea fishing once more and am currently planning my trip for this summer. If you have never done it yourself, I would highly encourage you to try it. It is always easy to find reasons to not go, and some I completely understand, but let me provide you with a few reasons as to why you should book your trip this summer.

1. You'll Develop a Greater Appreciation for Nature and Creation

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The first thing I noticed as soon as I set foot on the charter boat was the sheer vastness of the ocean. I've never felt so small. Waves could be taller than your head and were as dark as could be. What is even more amazing is wrapping your mind around being 50-plus miles off the shore and not seeing anything around you but water, or fishing in water depths of two hundred feet or more. By the way, two hundred feet is nothing when it comes to how deep the ocean can actually get!

Another amazing thing, and something that you won't experience fishing the mainland, is the many varieties of fish and sea life that you will encounter. On my trips I've encountered jellyfish, sharks, dolphins, dozens of gamefish species, and many different types of birds. Each one is as different as the last. That's something you won't experience fishing your grandpa's pond!


2. The Fish Can Get Big and Fight Like You Wouldn't Believe

Like I said earlier, a deep sea fishing trip can provide you with the opportunity to catch a multitude of fish species, ranging from small to very, very large. Obviously a trophy marlin trip would exceed the capabilities of the average angler's pocketbook, but big fish can be caught on virtually any trip. This is especially true if you're used to catching 11- or 12-inch crappie. I've been on trips where 10- to 15-pound snapper and near 20-pound mackerel were landed. I also know fellow anglers who have landed 40-pound fish or bigger on their trips!

With big, powerful fish come hard fights. The truth is that even the smaller fish provide an incredible angling experience due to the depth you'll be fishing. Reeling a five pound fish off the bottom of a 200-foot deep reef feels like you are reeling in the next world record largemouth. It's not uncommon to be a little sore after reeling in big, strong fish all day either!

3. The Fish Are Incredibly Tasty


Fish is healthy, tasty, and in my opinion, good for the soul. Nothing beats bringing in your catch and cooking a fresh, delicious meal. The first time I tried the red snapper we caught, I knew I would be craving it until I could have it again. The variety of fish a deep sea fishing trip offers also provides a variety of fish dishes that you can prepare. My favorite is fried filets with hushpuppies, but many saltwater species are tasty when baked, grilled, or pan-fried. Don't be afraid to try different things with your catch. Saltwater species tend to not only be really tasty, but very versatile.


4. The Sooner You Book, the Better

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If you are planning on going on a deep sea charter this summer, there are three steps you need to cover in the coming weeks: researching, planning, and booking. All three are imperative to having a good trip.

First, research fishing techniques that interest you and the fish species that you would like to target, bottom fishing for red snapper is a popular example. Also research seasons and best times of year to fish for your target species to make sure the timing of your trip is appropriate.

Second, start planning your trip in terms of dates and logistics. Find a reputable charter online and call them to get your various questions answered. Pick a trip date, whether it aligns with a vacation or is a stand alone trip. Then you can assess how much money you need to put aside for your trip.

Finally, book your trip. This needs to be done soon to ensure you get a desirable date this summer. You can try to account for weather, but I'll just tell you that coastal weather is unpredictable, so consult your captain for the best odds. Book your trip now and soon you will be glad that you did!



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