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Are You Really Gonna Watch This Bass Poop Out a Senko?

bass poop

Yeah, that headline's rhetorical. Of course you're going to watch a bass poop out a Senko.

Click on the video to get things moving (Get it? Moving? Oh, just watch the video).

Short attention span? It's alright; not everyone has the patience of an angler. If you want to skip to the bass poop action, fast forward to about the 5:20 mark.

The clip starts off innocently enough as Justin Rackley (aka LakeForkGuy on YouTube) prepares to fish bass.

It's an early January bass fishing trip on Lake Conroe in Texas, the site of the 2017 Bassmaster Classic. Rackley is joined by his friend Josh, a collegiate bass champion.

Poop seems to be a theme, as Rackley informs viewers early on that he's "fighting off a turtle in his underoos" because of too much coffee.

Seems the bass had quite the taste for worms. First, the guys noticed a broken line coming out of the bass's mouth. Attached to that was a coffee scented Strike King Ocho.

That's when they noticed the bass poop out the Senko.

Well, they had to help it out a little, and it broke off toward the end (har!). Still, not something you see every day while bass fishing.

Not much action on the rest of the video, besides the bass poop. And Winston, the French bulldog at the end.

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Are You Really Gonna Watch This Bass Poop Out a Senko?