Real Life Jaws: Huge Mako Gets Stuck After Jumping Onto Boat

Nothing like the pleasant surprise of a huge shark lodging itself in your boat railing during a relaxing day on the water.

These folks had to pinch themselves to make sure they weren't dreaming and in a nightmare after a giant mako found itself out of the water and stuck on their boat. If you have ever seen the iconic movie Jaws, you vividly remember the scene where the shark jumps atop the boat deck and devours Quint.

This is probably the closest real life incident we have ever seen to that, but we are sure glad no one became a quick meal. Someone heard on the recording finds it rather funny, actually.

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After some quick thinking, they were able to somehow tie a rope to the tail of the shark and lower it into the water, then cut it free. The mako bloodied its mouth after flopping and smashing its face against the rails, making it look like a scene from a horror movie. It was a crazy incident to say the least.

They might want start a shark guiding business, not to many people can get sharks in the boat like that!