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Heroic Boys Save Dog from Clutches of a Boa Constrictor

Would you risk your life to save a dog? Most people say they would do anything for their pup. Unfortunately, though, some of us (okay, I'm us) might draw the line at deadly snakes. However, in a video shared on YouTube, a group of boys didn't hesitate when a boa constrictor nabbed their dog. These young heroes sprung into action!

Three young boys saw what can only be described as "the worst possible thing that could be happening to your dog" and jumped into action to stop it. The video shows a giant boa constrictor attempting to crush a dog to death and three boys, presumably the dog's owners and co-best friends, making sure that didn't happen. Though it's not explicitly said where the video was taken, several commenters have suggested Cambodia based on the language the boys are speaking.

One boy appears to hit the snake with a metal rod before grabbing its head while the two other boys unravel the serpent from the dog's lower body. The boys, thankfully, are successful in saving the pup's life. Then, thrilled to be free, the pup runs as fast as he can in the opposite direction. These boys were incredibly brave in the moment. Commenters agreed, writing, "These three kids are braver and more coordinated than so many adults I know." Too true!

This story was originally published to on October 9, 2018.

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