Range Time With the New SDS Imports 10 Round Magazine

These 10 round magazines from SDS Imports are the solution to one of our biggest capacity problems.

Are you a bit sad with only five round magazines in your Lynx-12 or Saiga 12? SDS Imports addressed a specific need and released these 10 round shotgun magazines.

If you are a proud owner of a Saiga 12, Cheetah-12, or Lynx-12 semi-automatic Russian style shotgun, rest assured that an American-made, 10 round magazine is now available. You can double your magazine capacity over the smaller five shot mags from the factory.

SDS Imports sent us two 10 round magazines to test out in a Lynx-12, and we couldn't wait to get them to the range to test them out.

I like my Lynx-12, but those stubby little five round mags just didn't cut it. A fully loaded 10 round magazine is more like it.

SDS Imports realized that an American made 10 shot magazine needed to be manufactured. They chose Innovate LLC to create a detachable 10 shot magazine that has many U.S. made parts and easily earns 992r compliance. The magazine body, follower, and floor plate are all made in the states.

When I examined the magazines for the first time, I locked them into a Lynx-12 shotgun. The fit was good with minimal wiggle. Inserting and removing the magazines was quick and drama-free.

I figured the SDS Imports 10 round magazine would require a small break-in period. It's pretty common in any new detachable magazine. I loaded the magazine with rounds and stripped them out one by one. High spots were smoothed out rather quickly by the spring loaded follower.

A quick shot of silicone spray inside the magazine body really smoothed things out (again, I do this with almost any mag). You could argue that these magazines really didn't need this step, but it is always a quick and handy trick to know for synthetic magazines.

I took the Lynx-12 shotgun to the range and loaded up various shotshells. It all cycled great; everything from Federal #8 shot, 2.75" loads to heavy 3" Magnum turkey shotgun ammo worked magnificently.

The feel of a fully loaded 10 round magazine in the Lynx-12 shotgun just felt right. The results were outstanding.

I shot at a Triumph Systems Reactive Killer Clown Target and it took a beating. A single shot from a 12 gauge alone is impressive, but 10 in total make for a real fun shoot. I used the second position of the four position gas system on the Lynx LH-12, giving me dependable operation of all loads put through the the tested mags.

The magazines provided plenty of firepower to dispatch whatever you need to target. Just look at the back of the target, filled with tiny exit holes. The bigger holes are from the shotgun wads.

Any shotgun shell I fired ran through the 10 round magazine flawlessly. It was even possible for the gun to hold 11 shells. All I had to do was use the bolt hold open button on the shotgun and put one shell in the chamber from the open bolt.

Overall, using these high capacity mags was a great experience, and it makes me wonder what else SDS Imports could possibly be dreaming up...

I've always thought a dual stack magazine, with an even higher capacity, would be really cool with the Lynx-12. After all, with a little practice, 10 rounds can go really fast. Maybe there's another quality drum magazine design out there?

Maybe they could get to work on choke tubes that fit the threaded barrel of a Lynx-12 shotgun, or a folding stock to replace the fixed stock? The shopping cart could get full quickly if these items become available.

SDS Imports have done a fine job producing this 10 round magazine for Saiga 12 style shotguns. You can see all they've got at the SDS Imports website.

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