Rab the Cat Uses His Tunnel Toy to Roll Down the Stairs

This funny cat is not getting out of his favorite toy. 

Rab the cat has a good life. He was adopted as a kitten with his sister from Reddit user jmorri38. Rab's owner describes her silly cat like this.

He is quite a silly cat, he is mostly made of nonsense and fur.

And this video posted when he tries out his new tunnel toy proves his silliness.

He loves his tunnel so much, he won't even get out of it to go down the stairs.
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Rab may be a little overfed, weighing over 16 pounds, but he loves his food. His owner says his favorite way of saying he's hungry is by "crushing you while meowing in your ear." His favorite toy has always been the collapsable tunnel. When his first toy was flattened, and he kept trying to crawl into the broken one, it was time for a new one. 

Rab's owner tells us:

We got him a tunnel when he was a kitten and he loves it so much that when it broke we had to get him a new one as he was slightly inconsolable trying to get into the flattened one.

Rab loves his new tunnel toy, evident from the video of him rolling down the stairs. Other Redditers loved the video too, saying:

reddit comments

It is clear that Rab is loved and maybe slightly spoiled. But what pets aren't? I know my cat gets whatever she wants when she wakes me up the same way as Rab for her breakfast. And don't even get me started at how often I bend over backwards for my dog. That guy is beyond privileged for having four legs...


What toys do your cats love most? Tell us in the comments below! 

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