How to Put Your ATV to Work on Your Yard and Property

An ATV needs to do its job. Here's how to put it to work.

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You have an ATV, but are you really using it to its fullest?

There are some simple things you can do to gear up and prepare to take on the major tasks required for a ranch, farm, hunting property, or large plot of land. Listen up, and get down to it.

Tune It to Work Mode

Make sure you're cleaning the engine, changing the oil, and adding the necessary elements to enhance the overall performance.

Consider new, more capable tires, a trailer and hitch, and a high-performance winch.

Tackle the Tasks

Think about what sort of back-and-forth, repetitive duties there are on a typical piece of land. Clearing brush, hauling timber, spreading fertilizer, and even herding cattle can be done with a properly-equipped ATV.


ATVs can be modified to do a variety of jobs typically handled by heavy equipment. By adding attachments, like water tanks, tillers and scoops, there is no longer a need to rent equipment.

An ATV can generally be souped up to handle any job.

Cover Yourself

There's no point in doing heavy-duty work with an ATV if you aren't going to stay safe. All the same rules apply, whether you're having fun with friends and family, or getting down and dirty with some tough tasks.

Wear a helmet, eye protection, and strong shoes or boots while working with your ATV, and don't try to mix risk taking with your jobs. Even careening around a corner a bit too fast with a load of branches from a downed tree can cause a big mess, something you don't want to clean up.

Also, make sure you're covered in case anything should happen. ATVs are great machines if you can put them to work, but they'll usually require some insurance coverage, if nothing else to give you peace of mind.

With that, you should be in the right frame of mind to get after it.

There's likely a long list of things to do on your land or property, how many can an ATV help with?