Here's What I Think of the Tomlyn Pill-Masker for Cats

If your cat ever needs pills or medication, then Tomlyn Pill-Masker may save you both a lot of struggle and aggravation. 

If you've ever tried to give a cat a pill, then you know it can be a lot like wrestling a small, ferocious panther around your house. Suddenly your cat who sleeps 18 hours a day turns into an Olympic athlete who can twist in ways you never knew were possible to evade your grasp. And after going through about a dozen pills, you might get lucky and actually get one into your cat's throat.

Well. Clearly there had to be a better way.

One of my cats, Cara, requires two daily pills to manage seizures, and though we've come to an agreement on the task over the years, I still worried about leaving her in the care of a pet sitter, lest she have a disagreeable day. When an ad for Tomlyn Pill-Masker popped up on Facebook, I had to give it a try.

Part of what attracted me to the product was that it was backed by Jackson Galaxy. It had to be good, right? I checked out the details - it comes in a four-ounce container of paste that offers approximately 50 servings. Because it's a paste, you can wrap it around pills of various sizes, or feed it as a treat. Satisfaction is guaranteed, and it's bacon flavored.

Bacon? My older cat literally climbs onto the kitchen counter and wraps his body around the microwave when I'm cooking bacon. Sold!

Here are my two the second time I ever opened the jar. Fast learners, eh?

The Pill-Masker really does smell like bacon. It's soft and pliable, and is easy to wrap around pills. It's not greasy, though, and washes off your hands easily - you only slightly smell of bacon after. My two cats love it to the point of begging for it, and I treated three other cats to it with the same reaction.

I spent a few days giving the Pill-Masker to my cats as treats, then started to put Cara's pills into it. She was so excited about the fact that she was getting a treat that she never thought to look for a pill. It's worked repeatedly, and though I don't use it to give her her pills every day (I want it to still be exciting so that it will work well for the pet sitter), it's great to know that it's an option that makes giving her her pills simple and easy.

I'm very impressed with this product, and it's affordable, too. You can check it out on Tomlyn's site here. Don't have cats? No problem, it's also available for dogs!

Have you ever tried to give your cat a pill? How did it turn out? Tell us in the comments below. 

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