Off-Road Essentials: Pro Armor Dual-Threat Tires

In the market for new off-road tires? The Pro Armor Dual-Threat Tires are worth a look.

There's a long list of upgrades and accessories off-road vehicle owners want to accumulate, but that only makes the decision tougher. How are you supposed to cut through the static of overpriced and unreliable stuff and find the quality gear?

We're hoping to steer you in the right direction with our Off-Road Essentials, suggestions on some of the better "bangs for your buck" you can add to your ATV or SXS.

Let's start with where the rubber meets the road, or trail, or ground (it's off-road, after all). These Pro Armor Dual-Threat Tires were showcased at the 2017 Rally at the Mines, and impressed a lot of the uninitiated.