Pro Angler Profile: Under Armour's Jacob Wheeler is Poised for Years at the Top

Jacob Wheeler, Under Armour-sponsored pro bass fisherman, has already proven he has what it takes to succeed at the highest level.

When you're young, you sometimes haven't developed the apprehension or nervousness that comes before a big professional fishing tournament. It can be an indication of unreadiness, but it can also be an advantage.

We don't have proof that Jacob Wheeler is letting all the pressure roll off his back, but when you how well he's fishing, it would sure seem that way.

After plowing through junior fishing programs with ease he hit the FLW Tour, becoming the youngest angler to win the Forest Wood Cup in 2012. Then he went on to Bassmaster events, earning two tour wins in the last four years and a respectable seventh place finish at the recent 2018 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Hartwell.

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Day 1 Bassmaster Classic

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If a pro bass career is your goal, following the lead of this guy would be a smart idea.

Wheeler, a 27-year-old who grew up a short distance from Indianapolis, prides himself on a hard work ethic and the ability to adapt to the situation, which has helped him along the path to his current professional level. He also has a sense of humor, and certainly knows how to have a good time.

He's got an outdoorsman's mind, and his hobbies outside of fishing include hunting and spending time in the woods. This is another way he adds to his experience and overall knowledge of what's going on in the underwater world.

Day 2 Bassmaster Classic

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One to keep an eye on, Jacob Wheeler is set to continue his streak of success.

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