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Here's All The Best Prime Day Outdoor Deals in 2022 — And The Early Sales Happening Now


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What Is Amazon Prime Day? Amazon Prime Day 2022 is happening soon, and you'll be able to shop the best deals of the summer on July 12th and July 13th. If you're not familiar with Prime Day, it's the biggest sale of the year for Amazon-- deals are better than they are Black Friday or Cyber Week -- and they're a great way to snag the best prices on gifts, outdoor must-haves for summer, and the gear you'll want for fall and winter, too. While the official days are in July, early deals will be dropping from now until then. What does that mean for you? Basically, the best Prime Day outdoor deals are starting to drop now, and we'll make sure we help you find the best ones. We're talking up to 60% off on all types of products, from campfire cookware to tents or tech.

To shop the sale, you do need to be an Amazon Prime member, but you can sign up HERE for a free 30-day trial if you're not. An Amazon Prime subscription is $14.99 a month or $139 a year, and besides sale access it also includes their free same- or 2-day shipping policy on Prime-eligible products, a Prime Video subscription, and an Amazon Fresh subscription. The price is lower for students and those that qualify for certain government assistance programs, and you can find out your eligibility here. Once you sign up, you'll be ready to shop the best Prime Day outdoor deals that are sure to make your hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting adventures even better this year. Bookmark this page and check back here for early deals, and we'll also be updating live on July 12th and 13th with more of the best deals we can find.

The Best Early Prime Day Outdoor Deals


36% Off Energizer Headlamp Pro360 - $14.71

This water-resistant headlamp from Energizer is battery-operated, has seven light modes (including red and green for safety), and can be dropped up to one-meter down without any damage. It'll run on 50 hours without needing a replacement of the batteries.



47% Off Plarmod Sun Fishing Hat - $17.99

This adjustable hat is water-proof and UV-resistant, so your head will stay comfortable and protected on your next fishing trip.


20% Off Airbition 8-Inch Clip-On Fan - $39.99

This battery-powered clip-on fan is perfect for camping or backpacking: you can put it on top of your tent or use it while you're hiking, and you'll always keep cool.

17% Off Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System - $20.70 

A water filtration pack that's easy to bring on your next hiking trip: it comes with a pouch, the filter, and a straw and removes 99.999% of bacteria from your drinking source.



15% Off Cuisinart Portable Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker - $297.50

A portable wood fire grill and smoker that goes up to 500 degrees and weighs only 45 pounds? Yeah, you're going to want to take this with you on your next RV or camping trip.

23% Off Cascade Mountain Trekking Poles - $50.00

These walking sticks will be a must-have as the weather gets colder and the terrain gets a little more rocky or icy. The extendable, lightweight poles are made of 100% carbon fiber.


Check back for more of the best Prime Day outdoor deals as they are launched! This has last been updated on July 5th.

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