Powerful PSA Calls for More Careful Driving Around Horses

A new PSA provides eye-opening footage that draws attention to the issue of dangerous driving around horses in Britain.

A powerful new PSA is calling for more careful driving around horses. The British Horse Society has been campaigning on the dangers that horseback riders and their mounts face while riding along the roads in Britain. This new PSA is dramatic and contains some shocking footage, but it may help to draw attention to this pressing issue.

Take a look at the brief but eye-opening video below.

When riding alongside a road, horse and rider are vulnerable to the actions that drivers take while approaching and passing. When drivers pass too quickly, don't leave enough room while passing, or rev their engines or honk their horns, they put even the most well-trained and laid-back horse at risk of spooking. With paved roads being slick beneath horseshoes, a spook into the road can prove fatal for both horse and rider, and can even put the vehicle driver at risk if the horse collides with the vehicle.

The issue of hazardous driving around horses has become so bad that some riders have even begun to wear helmet cameras to capture their encounters with dangerous drivers.

Here are some helpful tips for safe driving around horses:

  • Horses always have the right of way. If a rider gestures to slow down or stop, do so.
  • If you must pass a horse and rider, do so slowly. Don't rev your engine.
  • If possible, move entirely into the opposite lane while passing to give the horse and rider adequate space.
  • Keep an eye on the horse as you pass, and stop your vehicle if the horse spooks.
  • Never honk your horn, yell, or make any other loud, unexpected noises.

From a horseback rider who sometimes must travel along the roads to access trails, thank you to everyone who makes the effort to drive carefully, keeping horses and riders safe.

Have you ever had a bad experience while riding alongside the road? Tell us about it in the comments. 

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