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Powder Mountain, Utah: Shred North America's Largest Ski Resort

An hour north of Salt Lake City, winter sports enthusiasts and mountaineers alike will find North America's largest ski resort. Powder Mountain Resort is located just outside of the quaint town of Wolf Creek in Eden, Utah.

Though the Ogden Valley region has seen its fair share of severely overgrazed land and a typically dried-up watershed, the area is now home to one of the plentiful watersheds in the Wasatch Mountain range.

A Very Brief History of Powder Mountain

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The Ski Resort visitors know and love today was opened on 14,000 acres on February 19, 1972. The first season at Powder Mountain showcased just one lone lift to start, the Sundown lift, which skiers used for night skiing as well as daytime shredding. The Ski Resort opened The Main Lodge, the Sundown Lodge, and the Timberline lift.

Doctor Alvin Cobabe sold Powder Mountain at the age of 88 in 2006, and since then, the resort has switched ownership three times. Today, Powder Mountain Ski Resort now has a total of 9 lifts and new mountain biking trails.

Adventures at Powder Mountain

When you visit the largest skiable terrain resort in North America, you are treated to some of the best-untouched powder in the country. The resort has almost 3,000 acres with traditional lift service, groomed trails, and powder runs, and additionally, 5,000 more acres pinpointed for those looking to put the "pow" in Powder Mountain.

For those looking to hit the backcountry, Powder Mountain offers guided trips and tours for great prices! There is an all-day snowcat option for up to 20 guests, as well as a limited tour option to experience the steepest and deepest backcountry in Wolf Canyon. Fun fact, in the 1984/1985 season, Powder Mountain was the resort in Utah to permit snowboarding.

Famous Lifts

The ski resort showcases nine lifts, including Timberline, Hidden Lake, Sundown, Village, Paradise, Mary's, Sunrise, Tiger, and Saddle Horn. There are also three unconventional lifts, including Powder Country/Woody's World, Raintree Snowcat, and Lightning Ridge Snowcat.

At the top of the mountain, you will find Summit Village, where skiers and snowboard riders gather, live, shop, and dine. The area sees an average snowfall of 500 inches with a vertical drop of 3,346' (lifted serviced 2,205' and lift accessible 2,519'). As far as more advanced riding is concerned, Powder Mountain has two terrain parks. Check out the detailed trail map for more information on the park's intricacies.

For those looking for a unique adventure for more experienced riders, you can partake in single-ride cat skiing at the Raintree Snowcat Ski Area, either guided or unguided. It is said to be some of the best cat skiing in the country, but we highly recommend going to see it for yourself!

Planning Your Powder Mountain Getaway

Fondly known as Pow Mow, Power Mountain is a beloved home for snowbirds to take a picturesque alpine escape in Utah. As far as lodging, the area presents many options for visitors to stay overnight.

Choose from a selection of quaint cabins, luxurious townhomes, exquisite condos, and a variety of driveable or ski-in/ski-out rental options. As far as lift tickets are concerned, there are options for day tickets, season passes, and even night skiing options. Shred on and Ski Utah!

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