Is It Possible to Kill a Flying Bird With a Boomerang?

Not the best weapon of choice, but do you think it is possible to kill a flying bird with a boomerang?

Bird hunting is a huge sport. From ducks, geese, pheasants, quail, pigeons, and doves; hunters set out with buddies for a good time in the outdoors. Of course most use shotguns, very few use bows, but apparently these guys got the wild hair to take a.....boomerang?

So that brings us to the question of the day. Is it possible to kill a flying bird with a boomerang? As crazy as it sounds, it would be a very entertaining hunt. But one that would seem almost impossible.

Watch Buck from Relentless Pursuit attempt to do the unthinkable.

Of course, nothing is impossible and if the boomerang made contact with the doves and parakeets they are hunting, it would be capable of killing the birds.

But the difficulty of getting in range, with the motion of throwing it, and the lack of accuracy would make it almost impossible. Which is clear in the video. With an abundant amount of birds in Argentina, they were still never able to connect.

Until he proves us wrong...we will air on the side of it being impossible for this guy.

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