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3 of the Best Portable Bathtubs for Camping, Home, & More

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There's a variety of situations you could be in that would make a portable bathtub sound like heaven.

If you have an RV or are going camping for a weekend with kids or pets, this is a great additional option for bathing that will make your life a bit easier. In February of 2021, Texas experienced a winter storm that left many people without running water. Many of us had friendly neighbors who could bring us water for bathing (or drinking) if we had large containers, and a portable bathtub would have been a must-have. They'll even come in handy for homes that only have standing showers and no bathtubs.

Our top picks are made of durable, puncture-proof materials, so they'll last for years. You'll want a tub that handles a lot of wear and tear — especially if it'll be a tub that you're constantly inflating and deflating for travel purposes. Lastly, we considered how easy these tubs are to set up. They'll be set up in no time. We rounded up three of the best plastic and inflatable bathtubs for camping and RV homes.

1. Best for Your RV Standing Shower

G Ganen Freestanding Ice Bathtub - Amazon, $59.99

This heavy-duty tub is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Use it outdoors for emergencies or camping, or feel free to use it indoors as a freestanding bathtub for your RV shower. This is a great option for shower stalls, so take this tub out to the campsite too. The bathtub is lightweight. The only inflatable part is the ring, which you're going to love for resting your neck on. It's super easy to inflate. A customer said he's asthmatic and had no troubles inflating it in seconds! It's made of high-quality plastic that's environment-friendly and durable. You won't experience any leakage, and the material is also great for maintaining temperature.

2. Best Portable Bath Tub for Babies & More

Large Collapsible Foot Bath Basin - Amazon, $12.89

Now, I know this is not a large-size bathtub, but this space-saving bath bucket is portable and is perfect for rinsing off your feet or possibly giving your baby bath time during an emergency or at the campsite. It's made of high-quality PEVA material and can withstand hot water temperatures of up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. It won't get deformed with warm or hot water and will also not leak. The tub is made of polyester that's super durable — it's tear-resistant and waterproof. It's under $15, making it budget-friendly. It's also ideal for small apartments. After using it, hang it up to dry. A hook is included, along with a small pouch and cleaning brush. If you don't need something of this size for bathing, you can also consider this for washing clothing, or dishes while camping.

3. Best for Relaxation and Hot Baths

Tubble® Royale, Inflatable Bathtub - Amazon, $139

This tub is a great choice if you're looking for a little splurge. I know this inflatable portable bathtub costs as much as an inflatable swimming pool, but it'll be worth it if you're looking for a tub with a backrest. The Tubble Royale comes with a pump. The pump can inflate the ergonomic bathtub in just one minute! And of course, draining the water is easy, thanks to the integrated draining system. The tub comes with an auto inflator, cup holder, storage bag, repair kit, spare air valve, and user manual. The bathtub is a comfy pick for anyone up to six feet tall. Enjoy soaking in this safe tub. The top cover is great for heat retention, so enjoy that much-needed hot bath. Use it as a bathtub for emergency use, camping, or feel free to fill it up with ice-cold water to cool off this summer.

This post was originally published on February 22, 2021.