3 legged deer
Credit: Paula Parent/Maine Wildlife

Popular Three-legged Deer Still Alive, Spotted on Trail Cam

Maine resident Paula Parent said she was worried the three-legged deer had died, but then she checked her trail cam.

Maine resident and wildlife lover Paula Parent had a happy update recently. She announced that the three-legged deer, which typically appears on her trail cam three or four times a year, finally made an appearance this year. 

"She hadn't shown up for her usual early Winter visit, so I thought she had died," Parent wrote on the Facebook page Maine Wildlife. "But, I was relieved to see these video clips recorded of her in January. She looks like she is doing well."

In the minute-long video, the deer who is missing its front left leg follows a scent as it walks through the snow. 

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Others in the group were also relieved to see old three legs. Carole G. Jean wrote: "I love this video, I imagine you felt a little bit heartbroken when you hadn't seen her for a little bit, and then delighted when you finally saw her."

And, Virginia Forst Jiorle added: "So happy you saw her! Really amazing that she has survived definitely a disadvantage but it's awesome!"

Then, some opined on how the deer might have lost its leg. Steva Beth Parkman asked if it was perhaps a birth defect or a car accident while Deb Dumas suggested the leg was amputated. 

According to the website Outdoors, Parent explained in an older post that no one really knows but they they think the leg went missing when it was a fawn. "Every time I see her, I'm amazed that she is still alive, but her mom is still usually nearby to help protect her," she said.