Pope & Young record search

Pope & Young Record Book Now Searchable Online

Finally, there's a way to easily find all the standing records!

It's hard to say why this is just now coming around, but it's certainly exciting news. You can now search all Pope & Young big-game records using the new Big Game Records Search feature.

Users are now able to access P&Y data on all North American big-game species.

"I am very excited about the new Pope and Young Club Big Game Records Search," P&Y Records Chair Ed Fanchin said in a statement. "Users will be able to search the entire Records Program database of over 115,000 record book entries and millions of data points. It will be a valuable research and scouting tool available at your fingertips. The possibilities are endless."

You have a choice between two different levels, one of which requires a yearly subscription payment.

The free option offers a basic search option that offers access to all the record listings by the species and hunters' names.

If you decide to pay the full subscription fee for $35 a year, you also get access to details about the animal's score, as well as the state and county in which the animal was harvested.

The proceeds from subscriptions go directly to the P&Y Club's Conservation, Education and Outreach fund, which has made great strides in promoting healthy wildlife management.

"This is the most powerful scouting and research tool available to hunters and wildlife professionals ever created," said Pope and Young President Jim Willems.