3 of the Best Pool Ramps for Your Water-Lovin' Dog

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These dog pool ramps will help your dog get into the pool with ease.

Some of our fur babies turn into water babies in the summertime. Lots of pups enjoy a quick dip in the swimming pool — but our four-legged friends might have trouble getting in and out of the water, and you need a solution to help them do it safely. The best dog pool ramps will give them the confidence they need and give you peace of mind. Choose from non-slip options or even a raft — Decide which one your dog will prefer, and go from there.

Why Your Pet Needs a Dog Pool Ramp

Even humans need pool stairs (or really strong muscles to climb out of the pool). To no surprise, dogs experience a similar discomfort when trying to jump out of pools without stairs or a ramp. American Kennel Club also states that puppy growth plates aren't closed until 12 months of age and can damage their open growth plates from jumping too much or too high. Older dogs also tend to have weak joints, so to avoid wear and tear on muscles, it's a good idea for pups of any age. It will also make pool time that much more fun!

For dog pool safety tips, visit Petmate, and be careful swimming in lakes where blue-green algae can be toxic to dogs. Be sure to remove these ramps when you're not using the pool so no other critters find their way in! However, if you follow all of these rules, the pool can be a fun activity for your dog that also promotes cardiovascular health and burns off energy. Here are our favorites below:

1. The Best Multi-Use Option

Solstice Inflatable Pup Plank Pet Ramp - Amazon, $179.99 

Solstice (a brand under the popular pool toy manufacturer, Swimline) created a pet ramp that makes it seamless for our furry friends to get in and out of the water — and not just the pool. The weighted mesh sinks below water level to create an effortless entry-point for dogs. Thanks to the heavy-duty construction (it's made from military-grade and claw-friendly materials), dogs will have a sturdy base when they step on it. The swimming ramp features a drop-stitch construction, creating a rigid feel and inflated. There's also an EVA traction pad that keeps things comfortable. This exit ramp is for dogs up to 110 pounds (great for small dogs and larger dogs). When you order it, you'll receive a pump, carry bag, and repair kit. The carry bag is such a perk, it's perfect for tight storage spaces and your garage or attic.

The best part? Take advantage of the built-in D-rings and tie ropes and use the pool exit ramp anywhere — use it for the boat, dock, or the side of the pool.

2. The Best Portable Dog Pool Ramp

2. Best Portable Option

PetStep Original Pet Folding Ramp - Amazon, $84.00

PetStep's pet pool ramp is our pick for the best portable option: It folds easily for easy storage so you can take it anywhere you want to go. The rubberized surface makes this easy for your pet to walk on when it's wet, and the foldable ramp is suitable for pets of all sizes. Large dogs can definitely use this ramp — it holds up to 500 pounds! It's also rust- and corrosion-proof, so it will last for a long time.

3. An Option for Anxious Pets

SwimWays Spring Float Paddle - Amazon, $34.99 

So maybe your tiny dog is too anxious to use a ramp. Keep this paddle raft near the side of the pool and guide your dog into the pool without having them touch the water. They can sit on the raft and enjoy the sun safely — or eventually, your dog might want to join in on the fun! The plastic claw-friendly covering is puncture-resistant, and the innerspring design provides great comfort and stability as well as added safety. It's easy to carry: fold it down flat into three circles and use the reusable carry bag for portability and storage. The small raft will support small dogs, and the large one (priced at $57.89) will support dogs 65 pounds and up. SwimWays is another popular brand you may know and trust. They create pools and swim toys for kids and adults.

Don't Forget the Life Vest!


Outward Hound Flotation Life Jacket, Amazon, $23.99+

For the ultimate in water safety, don't forget to add this cute and practical flotation vest for your put — it comes in multiple sizes and colors.
This post was originally published on March 25, 2021.